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SLB is a global leader in oilfield services, operating in over 120 countries with 116,000 employees worldwide. Renowned for innovation, SLB invests in R&D to deliver advanced solutions for exploration, drilling, production, and reservoir management, promoting efficiency and sustainability. Through integrated services and digital transformation, SLB supports the oil and gas sector in addressing current challenges and future opportunities.


Field Engineer Trainee
Process Engineer Trainee
Digital Drilling Engineer Trainee
Data & Infrastructure Engineer Trainee
Manufacturing Engineer Trainee
Field Specialist Trainee
Electronics Technician Trainee
Wireline Field Specialists and Field Engineers
Well Testing Field Specialists
Coiled Tubing Field Specialists and Field Engineers
Well Cementing Field Specialists and Operators
Digital Drilling Engineers
Midstream Process Engineers
Midstream Piping Designer
Project Engineering Team
Subsea Landing Strings Specialist
Drilling Fluids Specialist