TASA Solutions Sdn Bhd (TASA) identifies, deploys, and delivers realistic Experience Solutions to brands. Our solutions holistically cover each brand’s CX (Customer Experience), UX (User Experience), SCX (Supply Chain Experience) and MX (Management Experience) business needs.

We strongly believe that organizations must revamp their Experience Strategies and take control of their brand journey. To achieve this, we do not implement any of our solutions, without understanding our clients Vision & Mission, Value Chain, GTM Strategy and Corporate Culture. TASA operates on an open book business model and our clients have control of their preferred business model. We are cognizant that your brand’s Experience Strategy must be an evolution across all business verticals (B2C, B2B, B2B2C). Therefore, our Experience Solutions enable businesses to uplift their overall Experience Strategy. So, it is time that organizations shift their Experience Strategy rather than continue deploying the same strategy and expecting different outcomes. The TASA Group has 5 delivery centres’ globally, supporting 9 industry verticals.