Yamaha Robotics Holdings Co., Ltd. is the holding company for Yamaha Motor’s semiconductor manufacturing equipment (back-end process) business.

In July 2019, Yamaha Motor Corporation, Shinkawa Corporation, and APIC YAMADA Corporation merged their businesses to form Yamaha Motor Robotics Holdings Corporation (formerly known as Yamaha Motor Corporation), a holding company with Yamaha Motor Corporation as its parent company.

The company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motor and changed its name to Yamaha Robotics Holdings, Inc. (YRH) in January 2021.

YRH is born with the goal of providing a total solution as the “Japan’s First Turn-Key provider in the field of semiconductors back-end processing”, by integrating the technologies of Yamaha Motor Corporation, Shinkawa Ltd and APIC YAMADA Corporation with an aim to achieve the top share of the global market for semiconductor back-end processing and electric component assembly equipment.

The Yamaha Motor Group strives to create workplaces that respect diversity, with the aim of achieving an organizational structure that is based on the sharing of ideas and equally high ambitions and spirit, cooperation, and joy in our work among the Company and its employees from a global perspective. The corporate philosophy encourages an establishment corporate environment that fosters self-esteem. In this we seek to build a corporate culture that encourages enterprise and enhances corporate vitality where the focus will be on nurturing creativity and ability of our employees, with an equitable system of evaluation and rewards.

We’re committed to understanding and celebrating the identities that make up Yamaha by creating a safe space for employees to share ideas and perspectives, by providing access to DEI [diversity, equity and inclusion] training, and by fostering ties in our local communities through charitable and outreach work. Our aim is to include diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in our core practices. Our differences are our strength – and what keeps us inspired to drive forward.


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