SuperLife is the beginning of the New Age of Direct Sales. We aspire to redefine the concept of globalization and revolutionize the industry of direct sales. SuperLife is a 5-year-old company (established in 2017) that is recognized for its stem cell therapeutic superfoods. The nature of business is network marketing in healthcare supplements and pharmaceutical products. With its core business as a multilevel marketing and direct selling company, its businesses are conducted under strict rulings and business etiquette. Working alongside local authorities around the globe and its Switzerland partner Mibelle Group to produce superfoods, has made SuperLife’s business reliable and grow with strong expectations.

There are six main products our company is selling that are included in the membership joining packages, which are SuperLife Total Care 30 (STC30), SuperLife Colon Care Plus (SCC+), SuperLife Immune Care (SIC), SuperLife Neuron Care (SNC), Super Root Coffee and Super CellTec Face Mist. All products are healthcare supplements to enhance body health, colon, immune systems, neuron care and skin rejuvenation.

Today, SuperLife is an international company, and we have localized operations in more than 40 countries now while we are actively expanding into many new markets. By working closely with the authorities in each country, we always ensure that our products and business adhere to all legal requirements. We are working diligently to ensure that payment systems are well-established in every country and members will have ready access to products. We strive to create localized operations on a global scale, where the operations will be seamless in every country, and all members will have an established and effective platform to build a global business network with SuperLife.


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