Lotte Chemical Titan is proud to be Malaysia’s first standalone producer of polyolefins and Malaysia’s largest integrated producer of olefins and polyolefins, and one of the largest polyolefins producers in Southeast Asia. The Company has a nameplate capacity of over 3.1 million MTA of olefins, polyolefins and other associated products.

Lotte Chemical Titan produces Malaysia’s most comprehensive portfolio of Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP). These polyolefins which contribute to the enhancement of everyday life, are used in a variety of consumer and industrial applications, including packaging film, trash bags, automotive parts, plastic bottles and caps, and compounds for wire and cable insulation.

Lotte Chemical Titan is well established and has a strong presence in major export markets due to the high quality of its products, cost competitiveness, strong customer relationships and consistent product supply. The company has built a strong domestic market position in Malaysia as well as Indonesia and has shown a strong and healthy financial performance.


Mechanical Engineer (Rotating/ Static/ Reliability)
Safety Engineer
Production Engineer
EQS Engineer
Procurement Executive
IT Executive
Admin Assistant
Mechanical Technician
Production Technician