Established in 1984 in Japan, being one of the most influential partners in Japan health product, our company is dedicated in promoting the idea of “Health Prevention”, to ensure everyone lives a healthy and happy life. Let’s use and entirely new perspective to interpret healthy lifestyle, so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their life. In the world overloaded with resources and information, a variety of values and free ideas emerged. At the same time modern people lost their leisure time, which also lead to an increase of interpersonal conflicts. Thus, modern people are currently facing exhaustion, pain and stress as never before.

The latest generation of high Voltage Electro Therapeutic equipment is integrated with concentrated oxygen, music, heater and others. This new therapy not only bring harmony to physical and mental, but also develop a safe reverse osmosis water filter system. With the amount of support and trust from our customers, we as professional health consultants, are committed in research and development of wellness maintenance


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