Caredemy is an education centre specialised in Postnatal Care, founded by Tan Yunn Jin, a TCM practitioner in Gynaecology and Pediatrics, who has 10 years experience in the postnatal care industry. Established in 2016 initially to conduct Antenatal Workshops and provide postnatal care services to parents. Since then, it has grown in terms of specialisation to train quality caregivers.Today, Caredemy offers a number of courses, diploma certifications and training sessions encompassing caregiving in the form of Postpartum Care, Elderly Care, Babysitting and much more to dedicated individuals interested in pursuing a stable and respectable career in the field of caregiving.


On Job Training, 1 Year Course
  • Professional Diploma Certificate In Postnatal Care Therapy
  • Professional Diploma Certificate In Pre & Postnatal Massage Therapeutic
  • Professional Diploma Certificate In Elderly Care

Short Term
  • Professional Certificate In Postnatal Care Therapy ( part time one month)
  • Professional Certificate In Postnatal Massage ( 3 days)
  • Professional Certificate In Elderly Care ( Basic ) part time one month